Strategic Plan for Agricultural Transformation in Rwanda

In the present context, this perspective confers to the agriculture sector a heavy mission whose realization requires deep changes in the conception and in the implementation modalities as well as in the roles and responsibilities of different actors.
In full conformity with the national plan for elaboration of sector strategies, the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal resources has elaborated the agricultural policy and strategy documents within the spirit of these dynamics of change.
More than a simple appellation and far from the methodological innovation described , the Strategic Plan for Agricultural Transformation in Rwanda, clearly shows the concern to bring innovations within the sector and in a sustainable manner, the dynamics of change leading towards modernization.
On the content level, the innovation of SPAT, as compared to policies and strategies of the past, is based on voluntaristic stimulation and incentives for the production systems towards regional specialization, producer’s professionalism, commodity chains and the market-orientation.
For SPAT implementation, MINAGRI will benefit from support actions of other Ministries and other partners in the fields of governance and local development; environment, water and land security, education and scientific research, commerce, industry, handicrafts, health and social protection, transport and communication infrastructure (ICT), as well as the financial sector. Harmonization of actions of the different actors will be sought and
integrated in the on-going decentralization actions.

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